KIN.19 Blue Rhythmic Storm《維心書苑》

13 Moon Calendar

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KIN.19  Blue Rhythmic Storm
  • Tzolkʼin
  • Tone 6:Rhythmic
  • Tribe 19:Blue Storm
  • White Wizard Wave Spell

Tone 6:Rhythmic


Power Animal



How can I extend my equality to others ?

Galaxy combination disc

Guide:Blue Storm

Antipode:Red Moon

Destiny:Blue Storm

Analog:Yellow Sun

Occult:White Wind

White Wizard

White Wizard Wave Spell

Q 1:What is my purpose ?

the answer is : White Wizard

Q 2:What is my challenge ?

the answer is : Blue Eagle

Q 3:How can I best serve ?

the answer is : Yellow Warrior

Q 4:What is the form my service will take ?

the answer is : Red Earth

Q 5:How can I best empower myself ?

the answer is : White Mirror

Q 6:How can I extend my equality to others ?

the answer is : Blue Storm

Q 7:How can I attune my service to other ?

the answer is : Yellow Sun

Q 8:Do I live what I believe ?

the answer is : Red Dragon

Q 9:How do I attain my purpose ?

the answer is : White Wind

Q 10:How do I perfect what I do ?

the answer is : Blue Night

Q 11:How do I release and let go?

the answer is : Yellow Seed

Q 12:How can I dedicate myself to all that lives ?

the answer is : Red Serpent

Q 13:How can I expand my joy and love ?

the answer is : White World-Bridger

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