露絲·韋斯特海默 Ruth Westheimer.生日密碼《維心書苑》

露絲·韋斯特海默 Ruth Westheimer

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  • 猶太德裔美國性治療師、脫口秀主持人、作家
    維基百科: (née Siegel; born June 4, 1928), better known as Dr. Ruth, is a German-American sex therapist, talk show host, author, professor, Holocaust survivor, and former Haganah sniper.

    Westheimer was born in Germany to a Jewish family. As the Nazis came to power, her parents sent the ten-year-old girl to an school in Switzerland for safety, remaining behind themselves because of her elderly grandmother.[1] They were both subsequently sent to concentration camps by the Gestapo, where they died. After World War II ended, she immigrated to British-controlled Mandatory Palestine. Despite being only 4 feet 7 inches (1.39 m) tall and 17 years of age, she joined the Haganah, and was trained as a sniper,[2] but never actually fought.[1]On her 20th birthday, Westheimer was seriously wounded in action by an exploding shell during a mortar fire attack on Jerusalem during the 1947–1949 Palestine war, and almost lost both of her feet. Moving to Paris, France two years later, she studied psychology at the Sorbonne. Immigrating to the United States in 1956, she worked as a maid to put herself through graduate school, earned an M.A. degree in sociology from The New School in 1959, and earned a doctorate at 42 years of age from Teachers College, Columbia University, in 1970. Over the next decade, she taught at a number of universities, and had a private sex therapy practice.

    Westheimer's media career began in 1980 with the radio call-in show Sexually Speaking, which continued until 1990. In 1983 it was the top-rated radio show in the area, in the country's largest radio market. She then launched a television show, The Dr. Ruth Show, which by 1985 attracted 2 million viewers a week. She became known for giving serious advice while being candid, but also warm, cheerful, funny, and respectful, and for her tag phrase; "Get some". The New York Times noted in 1984 that she had risen "from obscurity to almost instant stardom." She hosted several series on the Lifetime Channel and other cable television networks from 1984 to 1993. She became a household name and major cultural figure, appeared on several network TV shows, co-starred in a movie with Gérard Depardieu, appeared on the cover of People, sang on a Tom Chapin album, appeared in several commercials, and hosted Playboy videos. She is the author of 45 books on sex and sexuality.

    The one-woman 2013 play Becoming Dr. Ruth, written by Mark St. Germain, is about her life, as is the 2019 documentary, Ask Dr. Ruth, directed by Ryan White. Westheimer has been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, and awarded the Magnus Hirschfeld Medal, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Leo Baeck Medal, the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award, and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • 國曆:西元 1928 年 6 月 4 日 (一)
  • 農曆:戊辰土龍年四月十七
  • 13月亮曆: 宇宙白巫師年12 月 6 日 ( 第 12 個月,第 1 周,第 6 天)
  • NS 磁性的藍手
  • 陽性生日密碼   30/3
  • 陰性生日密碼   32/5
  • 靈魂功課等級   + 2   - 2
  • 名人生日密碼彩虹數字 能量好感度計算13月亮曆 合盤計算我的流日 KIN 計算

調性 1: 磁性 Magnetic
圖騰 7: 藍手 Blue Hand
藍手 波符 13 天的第 1 天
內在女神力: KIN.17 自我存在的紅地球
PSI(行星記憶資料庫): KIN.112 銀河星系的黃人
西元 1928 年 6 月 4 日,是一個很棒的日子,充滿了祝福及能量

這天的星系印記是 KIN.27, 名號是 【磁性的藍手】 、 【藍手波符 之 磁性藍手】 也可以是 【磁性藍手.藍手波符】 ,你比較喜歡哪一個稱號呢?


KIN.27 位於 藍手波符 13 天中的第 1 天,銀河音階為調性 1
調性 1 的名稱是磁性,重點在創造並展現自我特質。
在藍手波符 13 天中,我們可以在每一天的靜心中問自己一個問題,今天是藍手波符的第 1 天,我的問題是:我的目的是什麼?。藍手,是我的目的。

今天的星際原型圖騰為藍手,我們稱之為主印記, 藍手是實踐的力量,透過雙手的碰觸,能夠展現各項技藝以及發揮療癒的能量,不空想持續做,將可在創造的過程中知曉一切。


藍手與黃人相互為對方的支持圖騰, 藍手在黃人的支持下得以展現出自己靈巧的面向,所有的產出不但極具創意並且融合著智慧有所展現。

藍手的引導依據KIN的調性不同會有五種可能性,KIN.27的引導圖騰是藍手 , 在藍手的引導下,我能夠體會手做的思念與情感的船幡,生命的連結不只是具象體驗,在藍手的交織下,具象與意象充分的交織展現,一切如常健行健美。

藍手與紅地球相互為對方的挑戰擴展圖騰, 紅地球是藍手的挑戰擴展,藍手擅長將各類型的物質重塑整合成為新面貌,相較於紅地球崇尚不加修飾的原始自然,貌似有些許衝突,然而若能透過更多的巧思及工法,勢必有機會在兩者間取得平衡,並拓展出更多可能性。

藍手與白巫師相互為對方的隱藏推動圖騰, 藍手的能量是一種物質界的連結,白巫師提供了靈性的推動力,讓產出不僅是美觀大方,更有著豐厚的靈魂底蘊。

當我們能將五大神諭力量啟動合一時,將可發揮出 KIN.17 自我存在的紅地球 的內在能量。

每年 6 月 4 日的 PSI(行星記憶資料庫)皆為 KIN.112 銀河星系的黃人 ,PSI(行星記憶資料庫)是我們圖騰調性中,另一個更高維度的自己,也是另一個我們值得學習及體會的課題。

磁性藍手的 KIN260 肯定句是:【我能夠透過實踐的力量將理想轉化成具象的現實】

另外就彩虹數字來說 1928 年 6 月 4 日 有著 陽性密碼 30/3(2級)、陰性密碼 32/5(2級)的數字能量。

每一個圖騰印記都有著值得探討的深意,每一個數字更有著特殊的能量與意義,更多資訊我們將持續更新,歡迎多多分享本站內容,也邀請您來本站 粉絲專頁 按個讚,感謝您。

Namaste.In Lak'ech Ala K'in



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